It consists of a mobile modular system with the function of an urban garden that has been installed on September 20th 2021 on the terrace of the headquarters of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Rome.

The required elements have been designed to cover the space in an organic and original way, and consist of two slightly different triangular types that can be combined along the edges. The configurations that can be obtained through this tessellation are very numerous.

The modules are characterized by a mobile structure covered in Corten steel and include perlite for drainage and water storage. In addition, filters are positioned consisting of geotextiles with needle-punched and thermostabilized polypropylene fibers without adhesives or chemical binders capable of distributing moisture evenly, filtering the fine particles of the substrates and creating anchoring between the roots.


The Ecobubble hanging green roofs, thanks to the partnership with Daku, are based on the best technological and quality standards available. Another technical novelty is the patent pending concerning the implementation of a new home automation system for green areas called Ecomotica. After about 2 years of studies it is estimated that with the new year this innovative garden automation system can be placed on the market, able to monitor local pollutants and plant luxuriance and to modulate the amount of water supplied according to the vegetation requirements and weather conditions


Integrate Ecobubble Design

Customized  Design Solutions

Local Pollutants Monitoring and Reduction

Garden Automation system

Urban Gardens Design

Improved Maintenance of the Plants

Sound Insulation

Smart Runoff Management

Windbreaks Streamlining

Roof Protection

Real Estate Appreciation


Architecture and engineering professionals are aware of the importance of working alongside a reliable supplier to create technological green roofs that comply with the most rigorous technical and quality criteria; for this reason, the Ecobubble–Daku green roofs are presented to customers with a complete certification of their systems, their components and performances are compliant with the recent UNI 11235-15 standard, an indispensable guarantee for those who make good design their mission


Architects, surveyors and engineers can find partners in Ecobubble and Daku who are up to their expectations, skilled in promptly satisfying the ever more demanding market requests and supporting their activities, providing consultancy services in phyto-design and in the technical design of roofs , in order to increase the overall security and the degree of innovation of the developed systems


The vast experience of a market leader in the field of green roofs such as Daku combined with the innovative drive of Ecobubble systems not only allow to bring nature on the roofs of so many building tipologies, both in the public and private sectors, but also to decontaminate environments in an economically advantageous way, compared to traditional solutions


Thanks to the high efficiency of the agronomic performance of the Ecobubble-Daku systems and our scientific know-how, we can offer our customers a wide range of solutions that allow designers to bring green roofs into urban spaces and become architects of a concrete improvement of the metropolitan area in an ecological, as well as aesthetic and functional perspective