Plantiverse is a project developed by the innovative start-up Ecobubble, specialising in GreenTech. It is a green area monitoring and management platform that is based on a set of patented methods and systems, known as “Plant-Driven”, that dynamically monitor and optimize automation actions based on the vegetative states of plants and the surrounding environment. The platform uses multispectral cameras to gather information on the vegetative states of plants, integrating this data with information from IoT sensors, satellite data, and weather stations.

How it works

Artificial Intelligence is used to process the data and generate commands for various automation devices connected to the platform. These devices include irrigation systems, green monitoring, notification systems, hydroponic management systems, and agrivoltaic tracking systems. The platform is cloud-based, allowing for centralized management and scalability.


Plantiverse brings an unparalleled transformation to your existing green automation systems. We convert any programmable green automation system into a plant-driven, virtualized powerhouse, unlocking a new era of data-driven agricultural practices.

Plant-Driven Data Analysis “With our advanced AI algorithms, we decode intricate plant signals, transforming them into actionable insights for optimized productivity and sustainable farming.

Virtualization: Step into your farm’s digital twin for real-time farm management, predictive analytics, and cost-effective agricultural operations.

Integration with Existing Systems: Plantiverse seamlessly integrates with your existing hardware, transforming traditional systems into smarter, plant-responsive, virtualized platforms. No new devices needed – just plug, play, and transform.

Our automation solutions can make the difference in situations where human intervention is difficult if not impossible.

Solar energy producing companies can use the platform to monitor and optimize the performance of their Agrivoltaic plants, managing shading and irrigation of the plants effectively.

The first pilot application of Plantiverse was developed on the roof of the FAO and is an organic urban garden (BioOrto) for producing vegetables on the terrace of the main office in Rome. With the support of myEUspace challenge (Our Green Planet), the team intends to develop a second prototype called “Green Planet Project” to train the Plantiverse system in Rome’s Botanical Garden.

The Green Planet Prototype (GPP) is a second application or prototype of the innovative Plantiverse platform. The functional design of GPP consists of a green area located in the Rome Botanical Garden, equipped with multispectral cameras to capture images of plants, sensors to investigate the local environment (temperature, humidity, air quality, weather), and the associated Plantiverse platform.


1. How does Plantiverse contribute to sustainable farming?
Plantiverse harnesses AI and IoT to generate real-time, plant-centric analytics. This enables efficient resource use, waste reduction, and enhanced productivity, all while promoting sustainable farming practices.

2. Can Plantiverse adapt to diverse farming conditions and crop types?
Absolutely. Plantiverse is designed to be flexible and adaptable, working effectively across a broad range of crops and farming environments.

3. How does Plantiverse integrate with existing green automation systems?
Plantiverse is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing hardware, transforming your traditional systems into smarter, plant-responsive, virtualized platforms without needing additional devices.