Ecomotica Upgrade – The automated management of¬†runoffs in a green roof through a system of artificial intelligence is not a futuristic vision, but an indispensable part of urban planning. The new functions of Ecomotica, currently in the test phase, allow to manage the outflow devices in order to store rainwater when it is useful, to release it with a certain delay in the sewer system or to drain it before abundant rainfall. The team’s goal is to provide a proven methodology to contain water consumption and flow peaks in the drainage system during storms or heavy rain


Our team works on developing an app that allows you to automatically view the data related to your the garden (irrigation, temperature, fertilization, humidity, lighting, etc.) and to the quality of the environment (PM10, VOC, NOx, CO2, etc. .) on a map. With the Ecobubble Community customers can locate, track and monitor air and specific parameters of green areas