Ecobubble is a new way of designing green areas (urban gardens, green roofs, agricultural land, etc.) aimed at optimizing green management and reducing local pollutants. The Ecobubbles exploit Phytoremediation (the science that uses plants to reclaim the environment) and improve its efficiency by combining it with the specific parameters of the place. Pollutants, microclimate, location, typology, structure, customer customization are just some of the inputs used to select the most suitable vegetation to maximize the removal of pollutants and minimize emissions of volatile compounds (VOC).

For the design we have developed an exclusive database, continuously updated, which currently contains more than 6,000 plant species adaptable to numerous climatic, environmental and structural conditions. The knowledge that our team has acquired, through the study of numerous scientific researches, allows us to select from this Database the plants that can best be used for the absorption, removal or mitigation of local pollutants.


The green areas are managed by home automation equipped with artificial intelligence, which analyzes the data received from the sensors, from the IT system and calculates the minimum quantity of water to be supplied to obtain the maximum degree of luxuriance of the plant. The peculiar technology of Ecomotica together with the IT system are connected to an app that allows you to automatically display on a map, data relating to the garden (irrigation, temperature, humidity, lighting, etc.) and the quality of the environment (PM10, VOC , NOx, CO2, etc.).



Thanks to plants it is possible to reduce the air pollutants present in our cities. According to your situation, we will choose the most suitable species.



To improve the quality of life in man-made environments, we have chosen the most advanced technology and adapted it to the ecological context.



Lighting will allow you to enhance your roof garden, making it usable at any time of day or night.



To grow luxuriant plants without wasting water, the utmost care must be taken in the process of irrigation and water management.



Your Ecobubble will be completely self-sufficient from an energy point of view thanks to suitably sized photovoltaic panels.



They are Ecobubble’s “sensory organs”: they transmit information regarding the atmospheric quality of the garden.

Sistema informatico

IT System

Through the creation of a database and a dynamic website it is possible to support the dissemination and analysis of micro-localized environmental data.


Green Big Data

Collecting and monitoring environmental data makes it possible to study and quantify the progress achieved in the fight against pollution.

Dr.ssa Cristiana Benini –  marketing

Dr. Steven Mohamed – Internazionalizzazione


Dr. Nicola Nescatelli – Fisico e Team Leader


Dr.ssa Chiara Scipioni – Ing. Ambientale


Dr. Andrea Procaccini – Fisico


Fabio Pallini – Cons. Informatico


Dr. Federico Di Vincenzo – Architetto


Dr. Riccardo Benini – Fisico


The project’s ambition and innovation require a considerable degree of complexity in the research, development and design of the Ecobubbles. In this regard, the need emerges in the project to make use of expert designers and developers in the reference sectors (engineering, physics, architecture, information technology, geology and urban botany).

Why working with us?

We are the partners of one of the European leaders in the green roof sector operating since 1992

Legambiente collaborates and promotes our project because it is considered important for Italian scientific environmentalism

Awarded as winners of the “Biorigenerative technologies for environmental control” competition

Awarded as winners of the “Environmentally Friendly Innovation Award” competition

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